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The Lemon Pony

By Hannah Jones 14 Mar, 2016
Just over 3 years ago, we moved into a house where nothing had been decorated or changed since around 1980. We knew there would be a lot of work to do and that it would take time as we would be doing it all ourselves working around full time jobs. The front room, 2 bedrooms & my sewing room were completed within the first 15 months but then work came to a halt as our plans for the bathroom and kitchen which involved knocking down walls and adding an extension was going to need a fair amount of money thrown at it which we just didn't have at the time as we were also saving for a 'big birthday' holiday. A year on from that birthday, work has resumed and it finally feels that we're getting somewhere again. We've taken down the wall between the bathroom and toilet to give us room to add a separate shower, the old metal bathroom window with its rotten wood frame has been replaced with a new UPVC window, and the old toilet window has been removed and bricked up. It's good to finally be able to visualize the new space we have and can start planning the bathroom properly. Now the fun really begins, I think it's going to be a busy year!! 

By Hannah Jones 20 Dec, 2015
Although the title 'colour' combos. is technically incorrect when referring to black & white as they are considered neutrals not colours, for the purposes of this post we'll forget the technicalities as to me they are colours just as much as grey, pink, yellow and blue are.  However, the black & white thing is not something I've really been drawn to in the past but whether it's because there is a huge amount of lovely black & white products popping up all over the place it's hard not to find something you like, or because I'm liking the simplicity of it I'm not quite sure. Accessories wise, I'm usually all about the colour. I like plain white walls and adding colour to a room with furnishings and accessories that can easily be changed for a fresh look every now and then, but lately I'm feeling that lots of different colours are too busy and overwhelming. I think it's a sign I need to simplify my life (which may explain the need for a change of Christmas decor on my last post ), and that's exactly what I intend to do. 

The run up to Christmas is always a whirlwind of excitement, shopping, partying and general rushing around like a headless chicken and I'm usually meticulously planning and obsessing over every fine detail to make sure everything is perfect, but this year for want of a better way of putting it, I really can't be bothered with all that! Don't get me wrong, I'm not feeling all baa humbug about Christmas, I'm still looking forward to it and still getting organized, just taking a step back and not obsessing about things that are really unimportant and not what Christmas is supposed to be about. I'm not quite sure where 2016 will take me, but I feel a change is coming for sure. Over the weekend I've had a good sort out and tidy up in my little studio, I've de-cluttered and stripped the walls of all manor of things that have been stuck to them over time so it's back to a blank canvas ready for a fresh start in the new year and this little collection of black & white loveliness would fit right in with their clean uncomplicated look. They are simple, yet beautiful and I wouldn't be at all surprised if one or two of them found their way in to my life ´╗┐at some point in the future.
By Hannah Jones 15 Dec, 2015
For years my Christmas colour scheme of choice has been Scandinavian style red & white, however this year, either my tastes are changing or I am just feeling in need of a break from the norm. When I dragged my decorations down from the loft and began opening the boxes I just wasn't feeling it for red & white, although not having the time or being able to justify going out and spending hard earned cash buying a complete new set of decorations in a different colour when there is nothing wrong with our old faithful red & white decs, they went up as usual and instead I found myself searching the internet for different Christmas colour schemes in order to satisfy my need for change without damaging my bank balance. 

Whilst looking, I found myself drawn to various different things but soon noticed a common theme kept popping up among them, everything was pink & grey! I think sometimes you are subconsciously drawn to colours that you need in your life at the time, so if these are the colours I need right now I'm good with that. Had I been drawn to all grey items I may not have felt so enthusiastic as a completely grey phase doesn't sound very exciting at all to me, but mixed with pink, it's a dreamy, soft, calming kind of combination.

I've put together a little collage of some of my pink & grey favourites in the hope that Santa sees it in time. If any of these find their way into my stocking this year I will be a very happy bunny!
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